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Membrane Waterproofing

ROSHAN WATER PROOFING COMPANY use membranes waterproofing. For heat insulation purpose. Membrane Waterproofing Terrace Related Waterproofing Work Can Be Done By Using Membrane.

Membrane Waterproofing For Terrace Waterproofing we are offering the Membrane Waterproofing system. The system shall include.

1. Surface Preparation: Terrace surface shall be cleaned.
2. Primer Coat: Bituminous Primer shall be applied.
3. Laying of Membrane: Membrane shall be laid by hot torching method on the terrace up to the Parapet top.
4. Pond Testing: The entire area shall be Pond-tested for 72 hrs, to check leakages if any, by means of storing water.
If client desires, Aluminum Paint shall be applied over the Membrane, at extra cost for Heat Reflection.

Characteristics of Membrane:
Membranes are flexible. It can be laid on the Existing Surface. No breaking is required. There is no possibility of damage to the existing structure, since it does not involve removal of Existing Waterproof System. It does not add dead weight to the slab. Membranes are designed to withstand heat without sagging. Life of Membranes (3 mm. thick) is minimum 5 years to 10 years. Hot Application Membranes These membranes are fixed on the cleaned terrace by Hot Torching Method. These Membranes are bitumen based waterproofing membranes, thickness varying from 3mm. to 4mm. Manufactured with APP blastomeric compounds with Polyester or Glass Fibre Reinforcement. This compound provides following properties to membrane.

Injection Grouting Waterproofing

Injection Grouting W/P We are ahead in Injection Grouting also. Our Experts working this treatment from severals years, this thing make us better then other.

Injection_Grounting 1. Injection grouting fill the place of grout so as to fill voids, as between files and under structural columns and machine bases.
2. The Injection of Grout to stablize dams or mass fills or to reinforce and strengthen decaying wall and foundation.
3. The injection of grout to fill faults and crevices in building, foundation & rock also. It is good waterProofing treatment for your building to prevent from water & ceepage etc.
4. These treatment done by Injection Grouting Pressure machine.

Basement Waterproofing

We have Experts Person to do this very-very effective waterproofing treatment. Grouting a mixture of cement, sand or Crushed slag, chemicals with water as per condition, sprayed over reinforcement as a light weight Concrete Construction.

Basement Waterproofing Word Of Civil Engineers a cement-sand mortar that is sprayed on to formwork, walls , flyover or rocks, Swimming pool, basement etc. by a Compressed air injector giving a very dense strong Water Proofing Concrete layers. We take 10 year warranty on this treatment.

Area Of Application In BASEMENT Swimming Pool Terrace garden Normal roof to make building strong & strengthfull Used to repair Rainforced Concrete To line tunnel Walls or mine airways, etc. Increased the life of old flyover. Civil Repair Hospital, School, etc.

BENEFITS It is a very very Effective water proofing treatment Repair the rainforced Concrete Used to finish the ceepage Used to bond the One Concrete Joint with other Concrete Joint etc.

OHT Waterproofing

These Waterproofing Overhead Tanks are leakage free and save your building from damp or moisture due to leakage of water from overhead tanks. Apart from supplying waterproofing tanks, we also offer unbeatable service for Water Resistant Tanks. >OHT Waterproofing
Our products and services for these tanks are reliable and offer maximum performance. These Tanks are durable as well as corrosion resistant and can easily be used for various purposes

Roof Gradan Waterproofing

ROSHAN WATER PROOFING COMPANY Green roofs are considered an integral part of a sustainable building strategy. Sun Life Solutions offers a single-source warranty for green roof assemblies comprised of liquid-applied waterproofing membrane, insulation, drain mat, retention mat, filter sheet, growing media and in some instances, the plantings as well.Roof Gradan  Waterproofing
Sun Life Solutions monolithic, seamless, rot and root resistant membranes can accommodate virtually any roof landscaping design offering long-term peace-of-mind solutions for extensive landscaped green roof overburdens.

Sunken Slab Waterproofing

Waterproofing of Sunken Area is another specialty at Master India. We evaluate the problem, find out what could be the best option for your Sunken Basement, and then begin our Water Resistant Service for perfect results. We are one of the highly established companies offer customers’ oriented Waterproofing Basement Sunken Area according to needs and requirements of the customers at reliable prices. Our highly skilled professionals work hard to provide better service of Water Resistant Basement.Sunken Slab Waterproofing

Water infiltration causes major problems to a structure. Water damages a building first cosmetically then structurally. Hence to keep our building safe & healthy waterproofing is an important activity.

It maintains appearance of building Increases life of structure Keeps away foul smells which may arise due to dampness Also check the algae & plant development.

Sources of Dampness:
1. Geological & climatic causes: Rain penetration Ground moisture rise Drainage of the site Orientation of the building Atmospheric moisture

2.Structural Causes:
Water introduced in the structure during construction Defective construction

Swimming Pool Waterproofing

The pools should be properly maintained in order to let them remain hygienic and usage. The process of Swimming Pool Waterproofing is provided by us to the clients in order to tackle the issues of leakage in the pools and to prevent it.Swimming Pool Waterproofing

These services can be availed by the customers at very reasonable prices and we ensure that the work done is of excellent quality and it is completed with the time span which has been provided by the clients.

Ug Sump Waterproofing

ROSHAN WATER PROOFING COMPANY is a prominent waterproofing solution provider offering a comprehensive gamut of services that consists of Waterproofing Swimming Pool, Terrace Waterproofing, Basement Waterproofing Treatment, Waterproofing Sump, Waterproofing Overhead Tank, and so on. Since the establishment, our company has been serving construction industry.

Ug Sump WaterproofingFurthermore, we also supply materials and offer services for strengthening columns, beams and performing soil stabilization works and all kinds of repair and rehabilitation works like sealants, membranes, deck coatings, cementations, waterproofing materials, caulking guns, etc. for construction industry.

Quality Policy : Sun Life Solutions obeys and observes quality principles. We are committed to customer satisfaction. We use quality materials. Deploy state-of-the-art latest technology. We are keen on getting feedback by our customers. We make prior visits to sites to estimate and decide on plan of action with appropriate methodology.
Our Employees are well trained and highly skilled for all sorts of quality works. We maintain team spirit amongst our workers. We co-ordinate with customers time-table and continence. Last Ten years we served number of customers with quality service

Sunken Filling

Sunken Filling

Screed Concrete

Screed Concrete

Screed Concrete

Expension Joint Water Proofing

Expension Joint Water Proofing

Podium Slab Water Proofing

Podium Slab Water Proofing

Brick Bat Terrace Waterproofing

The brick bat coba is used particularly for waterproofing of flat roofs, primarily RCC with some thermal insulation in the coastal region. It consists of putting brick bats on roofs, to give a slope and then grouting the same with mortar admixed with various proprietary chemicals most in the nature of waterproofing compounds. In the new construction house, it provides an excellent slope in a moderate cost, so that the water drains away.

Bricks Actas Water Reservoir

The bricks used in the system are porous and when water enters, these bricks readily absorb and hold large amount of water creating a sort of reservoir above the slab. The bricks used in BBC is usually of not a good quality hence over a period of time they absorb water and become loose and give way to more leakages.

Lack of Skilled Manpower

These days due to lack of skilled manpowe and lack of attention to detail, rainwater seeps through the cracks in the brick bat tiling and collects under the mud phuska causing seepage into the RCC roof. In order to repair this, all layers of the roof have to be opened up and waterproofing layer redone. This causes hardship to the user apart from cost related issues.

Brickbat coba will have lot of surface cracks and hence it is not a waterproofing system. The quality of bricks used in BBC is usually not good hence over a period of time they absorb water and become loose and give way to more leakages. Brick bat coba should not be confused for waterproofing. It is a good weather proof layer.